Cellular automata and grasshopper in architecture

Can we generate three-dimensional architectural configurations according to the concept of cellular automata,To be subject to environmental , social and economical factors and variables using the grasshopper program?

Very general question… yes

thankssssss …

I mean in that question, can you after the creation of three-dimensional architectural configurations by cellular automata according to the grasshopper program, for example, the introduction of environmental variables for a particular area such as the coastal environment such as daylight or wind intensity or temperature and knowledge of the impact on the configurations established in this program and show what is the best composition according to specific variables?

I think that’s what Ladybug and Honeybee do. There is a separate forum.

I mean you can do whatever you imagine.
There are no limitations due to the possibility to script also in phyton, c# etc.
There is also nearly for everything a plugin. Cellular automata for example rabbit, or environmental analysis as mentioned above, ladybug + honeybee. You can define whatever you want.
The only limit is your knowledge, but this forum will help you as much as it can.

I appreciate your help … thank you …