CCX problem

Hi people,

How are you? I’ve been trying to solve a problem but well, my brain capacity is quite limited. A friend’s been helping me with a gh scripting, which seemed to work with some fixed values, but when I change them, it stops working.
The main issue is when I try to solve an intersection. I have a few ring that I need to offset, but every segment has a different depth

like so

the thing is when I try to trim the “offsets”, the CCX component shows me there is no intersection to solve

Any ideas? I’ve been searching though the forum but my model has so many curves that I can’t just try a bunch of different possible solutions because everything kinda crushes.

Thank you! Ps: please don’t judge me, I know it looks kinda messy :sweat_smile:

20200814_tower block (6.7 MB)
20200629_modelo de excel_estructura de variables.csv (4.0 KB)

Note: the excel has to be linked here


your file does not open, there’s an error when trying to load it on Rhino 6 grasshopper

try resaving it?

Yes! I completely forgot that an excel file was linked, I just reuploaded both files. Sorry!