Caught ghgl plugin establishing connection to Why?


I’m curious, what’s happening in the background, when the ghgl addon has established a connection to

glslify allows for the functions that GhGL provides to get properly built into the GLSL code. The source for GhGL that uses this feature can be found at

The ghgl-glsiify server source is available at

This is a server specific to supporting GhGL.

The original glslify project can be found at

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Very interesting! Thanks for your reply, Steve. :slight_smile:

This server will only be called when functions in the menu as shown below are inserted into the GLSL.

If you don’t want the server to be called in the future, you click on the “glslify code” menu entry to convert the functions into code directly embedded in the GLSL.

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Haha, I have already blocked it with my firewall. :wink: I was just about to lift the ban after your great explanation. Thanks for the addendum, too.