Cattmull Clark Problem (26.4 KB)
parawall2.3dm (161.1 KB)
i cannot merge this mesh for making catmull-clark can i do that_?

I don’t really get what you want to achieve. Merge all 5 meshes into one big mesh?

u can see my upload image.there is seperation between two s seen a shaded line.that means in my opinion it shouldnt be seen like that as other faces.

These meshes had a different orientation (different normals) at the gap, that’s why they would shade weirdly there. I added a Unify Mesh component and all works fine now. (30.0 KB)



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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Probably not what you’re ultimately after, but I was interested in what all your curves would look like sorted, joined, and lofted. (25.6 KB)

thank u guys it has been solved.