Catenary Vault Section


I want to get a specific section for a catenry vault, below you can see the actual state(green) with the desired result(red Curve),also the defitnin. I am not sure if it is possible orit makes sense in structural aspects.

Mayeb someone could help me out.

Thanks in advace! (17.4 KB)

The peak of this roof is a Catenary curve but the station curves at each point are not (though I suppose they could be too?). (15.1 KB)

This is a better implementation, using intersecting planes instead of dividing all three curves. (15.7 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Oster,

thanks for having a look.
I tried also lofting through 3 catenary curves, I am not sure if this is a common way or statically usefull.
Also I would like to know how the manage it from mesh relaxation.

This is a close approximation (white surface) using catenary curves in both directions. Manually adjusted using eleven sliders with a difference measurement displayed in an adjacent panel. Maybe Kangaroo can replace that bank of sllders? (28.7 KB)

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