Category revit to rhino import workflow with "content cache"

I am using the following category workflow with some success to import revit geometry to rhino.

“Columns, floors, roofs, etc.” categories all import perfectly.
However, with “windows” category, there are multiple duplicates baked for each revit window instance.
Any thoughts as to why this is the case?

The Cache name is not a requirement and only needs to be a single value.

Try something like this…

2 options, one bakes as blocks, the other geometry on a layer with a name.

RiR-R8-Category (11.6 KB)

Thanks, i realized that if i simply remove the identity component. There are no longer duplicates when baking. This works for a “category” based workflow to get revit elements into rhino.

However, the identity component was critical in other workflows noted in the revit to rhino guides (“view” based work flow; and “graphic” element work flow). The identity component read categories and created unique layers for revit elements. It would be great to update those guides with native components that do not rely on the old GHpython script (i was not successful to get the old gh python script to work in rhino 8).

Most likely it was not the Identity Component itself but the matching of the trees causing duplicates.