Category colours weird


I’m noticing that the category colours are weird. Normally the whole name is coloured…

I just assumed that was the new style…

Oh. I thought it was a bug…
I just think the old way looked way clearer.

So did I. I guess we’ll have to get used to it…

I preferred the old style.

Old Style was clearer.
Most of us deal with enough eyestrain all day without having to squint at this pale colour scheme too.
+1 for Dark Colours.
++1 for Grey Background

Old style preferred here too. In the same way, starred/bookmarked/favourited discussions would be much easier to pick out if the entire ‘bar’ for that discussion was highlighted in a darker/stronger colour on the home page.

I support the old style too!! It was much cleaner, than this one.

By the way this: new topic icon, is simply terrible. The good old glyph character with a round background ( * ) was way better , in my opinion.

“+1 for Dark Colours”
"++1 for Grey Background"

I’m not advocating that! Light backgrounds are not the issue.

I would like to see the category colours be more visible like they were a week or two ago. Now I’m forced to read the category as opposed to recognizing the colour. Doesn’t seem like that is a big deal, and maybe in the grand scheme of things it’s not even worth mentioning, but it was easier to work with IMHO.


Back to normal! Thank you!!