Categorizing geometry by color

I’m trying to categorize a bunch of poly lines with a color coded pattern. The idea is to get a visual hint of the land use in a small portion of my city. I have the data in 2 different trees, one for the polylines (geometry) and an other for the land use (as string). BTW i’m using GH plugin Meerkat to get the data. But I can not figure out how to group the data organized by land use in order attribute different colors to different land use. I’ve try merging the 2 trees but then I still do not know how to separate, for instance, residential from commercial and so on.
Any help will be much appreciated
Thank you
I’ve uploaded the gh file with internalized data. (260.9 KB)

I think it would be a rough idea to do this, but I suspect there are some duplicates in your polyline data… (261.4 KB)

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Hello Kim,
That looks nice I’ll give it a try a soon as I get to the office. There is probably duplicates. The data comes from a shp dile from the our city so it’s probably no edited.

Thank you so much very clever