Catching memories

To get a bit of a break and clear my head from matching surfaces, I decided to render something which I grew up with: some capture balls from Pokemon.

Render is of course done using bella. Not too much time spent on this, as the idea was to do something fun and relaxing, and only a slight retone in post-work. To age the white paint a little, I introduced a laquer-peel effect that seems to be alright. Volumetrics are entirely in the render, and the entire envrionment is immersed in a very slight haze.

To play with something interesting in the tone, I introduced an AgX colour profile directly via bella.



I decided that the older render was rather rushed, and I really wanted to do better with the model and lighting. I threw out the AgX setting for now, and went to a more common colour toning.

Hopefully the second render (NEW, uploaded as the first image in edit) is much better than the original (OLD).

Most importantly, the volumetrics no longer look like I did them by hand with a crayon, I hope.

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