Casting box into mesh component vs meshing the box?

Hello community, very simple but technical question:

Is it better to cast a box into the mesh primitive or meshing the box?
I would say that “better” means more stable and also faster.

Have a great parametric weekend :slight_smile:

They are equally stable I would say. I didn’t see either fail.

They don’t seem likely to be the bottleneck of any definition.

I’d just use the simpler version for cases that do not need tweaks. The version with the options, for cases that require more tweaks.

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For a box I believe fastest is the “simple mesh”component. Try it out.

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Cool, did simple mesh end up being faster. Curious

Grazie Giulio!

I’m builing web GH configurator, so that’s why of stability and speed. Every ms I can save with a better flow is nice, I would like to save it.

Since inputting the box into Mesh Primitive is asking the component Mesh Primitive to do a calculation, as using the Mesh Box component, if there are no tweaks (as you correctly outlined) and if the calculation is the exact same (so same stability and speed) I would prefer to go with directly casting into mesh component in order to have a cleaner script.
As well I’ve seen some casting data of different type (like numbers into integer primitive f.e.) taking some ms, so I was wondering if it’s not a really clean and optimized way to proceed :slight_smile:

Grazie ancora,
Michele Farina,

Thanks Michael,

Never used this component and I didn’t know about it actually! :sweat_smile:

This could be a nice way to be sure casting is not taking more time than needed and avoiding to have the Mesh Box with panel.

Thanks for the tip, I would test it :wink:

See you at CDNEXT 4.0,
Michele Farina,

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