Carving complex grid on extrusion

Hello! I have created a custom grid with lines, and now I want to carved that grid on an extrusion, to make it look like a spacetime curve.
So far, I used Tube to give the lines a volume, and then Make2d to create a 2d projection. But now I want to carved that and I can’t find a right way to do it. Tried some simple Grasshopper commands as well but couldn’t get it done.
My goal is to have a 5mm tall black surface, with the grid extruded to 2mm on white.

carving.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hello - I guess this is what you’re after, maybe? (2.3 MB)

I extended all the curves out past the extrusion before making pipes, then BooleanDifference, a few at a time.
@Mat_kat - it’s a v5 file now.


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@pascal yes, pretty much that, thanks a lot!

Further on this, how do I accomplish the following:

  1. This way I only carve only the radious of the pipe. If I want to carve 2mm with a 1mm diameter pipe, I should do a 1mm pipe and then scale on the Y axis to desired depth? Sound right?
  2. If I want to have the keep the carved piece of the extrusion, I should use Boolean Partition instead of Boolean difference right?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hello - if you scale the pipes vertically, the cuts will be elliptical in section, not round - but otherwise I guess it would work. BooleanSplit, yes, for your second question.


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