Career Advice

Hey there,
any (german based) designers around here who have some advice on a career in industrial/product design?
Anything that has proven to be a good approach?
Any recommendations on topics to learn about?
Recently learned about IP and protection etc. How do you handle this?
I’m open to anything and to expand my knowledge!
Appreciate every comment!


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Ok, wow. I don’t understand… One of my friends was 30+ when we started but age doesn’t really matter in my opinion. In most cases these people have more experience regarding different topics which can come in handy as a designer… He always provides some different insides. I would rather deny young people directly out of school…

And regarding making myself a fancy name… If it happens so be it. If not, no shame. I want to be good in what I do and have fun with it. Not sure if I want to have the liabilities coming with a fancy name…

Well if it worked out in the end and you’re happy with your job, it’s great! How are your studies going?

I’m hooked on the job and was 22 at the start. I did my apprenticeship as a carpenter before:)

Be prolific with your ideas.

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