Car render problems

hi guys
this is a buggy that i work on it
i was searching for some tutorials dedicated to cars rendering but i didnt find my main problems right now are the settings for the glass, as you see in the test rendering i was using brazil main glass material but it deforms the interior view (seats) and also has some abnormal reflexions of the environment, also i have problems to find the right settings for the headlights (i didnt find materials with light emissions)
can you help me with some hints about this issues but also with some tutorials and tips&tricks for enviroment and general lighting…and with infos with all it needs to obtain a quality car rendering (as realistic as possible)
thank you

Use IOR of 1.0 for the glass if it is a single surface.

it works with ior 1 for refraction…much better, thank you, but still not realistic enough…can you help me with other hints, tips&trics etc?

how can i set the glow for emission objects? (headlights), increment

can you help me with a pre-set scene with a quality car render?

there is an error…in the viewport (3d model) appears edge (as i want), but in the rendering appears fillet between surfaces!..why? it`s a software bug or a wrong setting?

Have you gone through this Brazil tutorial?

There are several more Brazil tutorials too.

thanx…its usefull for materials settings but it is not a photorealistic render tutorial whatever, i didnt find answer at my questions there

the error issue disturbs me a little bit…now a have a evaluation testing before buying…for this im very interested in the error problem....should i choose other software (plug-in)? iray, v-ray...actually i like brazil but without errors :-) newbie and i don`t now if is an error or is a wrong setting

can you also recomand me others quality video tutorials because there are a lot and a want to save time :wink:

thank you again

The only other Brazil tutorials I’m aware of can be found here:

and Brian James’ rendering tutorials: