Car modeling tutorial for newbie?

3rd it!

Well, I started to use Rhino with the sole purpose to model cars, I’ve started with the level 1 & 2 manuals that comes with Rhino, after that I’ve had a hard time finding quality resources to properly make surface modeling with NURBS, the most tuts I found were just technical articles explaining how to connect different curves and surfaces in different curvature grades, but that’s it. After that I found the book Stratosfear mention here, I like it but I’ve realized that yes, if you are patience enough you can model the car, but not a single part of the book explains you what are you doing or why and doesn’t even pay attention to have the cleanest surfaces as possible, which I think is extremely important. Not to mention that find this kind of documentation in my mother language is almost not existent.

Having that in mind and since I really like to model cars in 3D I’ve decided to make my own book, a fully illustrated step by step guide that overcomes this kind of limitations. It was a monstrous project but here it is, you can find more information at

It’s not recommended for complete beginners, but since have been a while of this thread maybe you now have the necessary skills to follow my guide. This is not production modeling but and is not the intention of the book, it’s more like an exercise to improve your modeling skills if you are an intermediate user. Although I tested it in a complete beginner with impressive results:

That was the last capture he send me to show me his progress.

You may give it a try :wink:


Very impressive! Well done :+1:

Thanks :slight_smile: