Car Design class in Barcelona

Car Design with Rhinoceros Barcelona (Spain) July 21-24, 2014

This course is oriented to designers and concept modelers who wish to interact with their creations in a friendly and enriching manner.

This 3-day workshop will provide the students with all the understanding needed to create and easily interact with their concepts using all the potential Rhino and VSR can offer. During this course, students will learn the main concepts regarding car design and how to implement them to improve their concepts into the 3-D environment. The participants will find how to generate, edit, and evaluate their models in a simplified manner. This will let them concentrate on the really important part of their creations: the design.

Instructor: Jorge Biosca Language: English Cost: Students 395€ + VAT / Professionals 495€ +VAT (earlybirdpriceuntilJuly7)

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