Capture with good quality and known size

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I gonna take a picture with good quality and known size. could you please tell me how can i do that? (as shown in below picture, i just would have pic of legend in 2inch*4inch size and good quality)


Have you tried Print to file or Viewcapture to file commands?

dear @Mahdiyar
If you mean, “Viewcapturetofile” , yes, I did.

Did you used the dash in front of the command -ViewCaptureToFile Using the dash will give you the ability to increase the resolution of your image.

I dont want to take picture of whole of screen, just a special part. (like as shown in above picture)

Draw a 2 x 4 rectangle around the legend. When you are happy with the position select Print.

In the setup dialog go to View and Output Scale choose Window and click Set… Set the area by clicking on opposite corners of your rectangle. Change the Scale to 1:1. Print.

If you don’t want the rectangle appearing, after changing the scale close the print dialogue, delete the rectangle (don’t change the view’s position or scale), then go back to Print, which will have retained your settings, and you can click on Print.

If you want an image file instead of a print, use Print and in the dialog select the Destination as Image File and set the dimensions to 2 x 4 before doing the rest of the process.


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