Capture View Automation


I am using the Capture View component and set a trigger to be the height values of a loft. There are a few problems. The first problem is everytime I change the height value I have to change the number slider to change the filename too or the new image writes over the old one. The second problem is that writing the names of the images in a panel every time I want to do a process like this is time consuming.

Is there a way to automatically generate a new image name each time I move the height slider? I essentially envision it as an animation but in time lapse (still picture) format.


I was looking at the batch components in Metahopper, but I am not sure if this is the best way to go about it

Hey Brendan,

I posted a solution to a very similar problem here:

the key elements for you are probably the c# name generator, viewport2file and timer nodes.

If this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, I can have a look at your file

hope that helps


damn, this is great! thank you! I just used it on the example you included… I have yet to use animation controls on sliders but I think that once I use that on my file I can get what I want it to do very easily. If I have any questions I will let you know! but thanks again!


oh yeah, I forgot about that one. best would be to link it to the same trigger to synchronize the value change with the image name generator and the viewport save:

something like this should do I hope: (8.1 KB)

or even simpler, there’s a animate option if you right click on the slider. give it a try if this could be helpful for you.

hope that helps


you read my mind. great, thanks again

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you’re welcome!