Capture to file very slow

After rendering with raytracing the capture to file process takes longer than the rendering, why? Also, I removed a USB key(correctly)during the capture process and mt Rhino window was partially covered in red???

If the settings in the ViewCaptureToFile dialog differ from what you have in the Raytraced viewport, a re-render will occur and you’ll see a progress bar and have to wait again. For example, if your output resolution is set to something other than Viewport or is scaled or if you set a sample count that is greater than what your Raytraced viewport achieved already.

I’m not sure what caused the red screen when removing a USB key but that sounds like a GPU issue maybe because it was processing the new Raytraced image.

Thank you Brian,
I set the raytaced window the same as the render window and it seems to be going to take an hour while the raytracing took 1h 40. That will be a little better but still is long. As far as the red block in the Rhino window, the rendering was in progress when I removed the USB key but why would that only affect Rhino?


Another problem. I saved the raytraced drawing to a file and it is empty, no image. This is not the first time. I find the Rhino 6 a bit buggy.

I’ve seen that before when the graphics card driver is old. The view capture happens through your GPU. Run your SystemInfo command and post the results or email it to explaining your issue please if you need help figuring out the GPU driver. Other things to look at are if the image format used matters like jpg vs png for instance, or if you can get an image saved if you use “-ViewCaptureToFile” instead. the “-” will suppress the dialog that pops up. Please let us know what you find.

I’m not sure why your screen went red when removing a USB drive but I still think it is GPU related and since Rhino was probably using the GPU it was impacted.

OK, thanks. It can’t be the card because I have a new machine. It is an iMac Intel i9 core with 40 Go and a Radeon Pro 580X 8 Go.

Please email with the results of the SystemInfo command and a 3dm file set up to Raytrace that when captured results in a blank image saved. Let me know what sample count you use in Raytraced mode and what file format is saved too. We’ll need to try and reproduce this on similar hardware.

OK, I used 1000 sample count and it was saved to .jpg. The file may be a big one.

Are you saying the 3dm file that reproduces the blank image is too big to email to tech? If it is, and you can’t reproduce the problem with a simpler file, you can use to send it over. Once we can reproduce the issue we’ll have a shot at fixing it. Don’t forget to include the other info I mentioned as well please.

It’s done.

Off the subject but is ok to install Catalina?

Yes, Catalina should work fine with Rhino 6 and the Rhino WIP if you use that too.

Thank you

Hello Brian,
Here’s another one. I rendered a model at 3000x3000 pixels, saved it to a file at the same size. It took an hour to save and when I found it in the file the image was masked with blue showing only 1/4 of the image. ???

PS, the saved image in the Rhino window was complete as it was in the small window for verifying the size and number of passes and scale.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your patience, I was able to reproduce the view capture issue at scaled resolutions using your file and have submitted the bug as RH-56021. I emailed you back from the email sent to as well with an alternate workflow in the meantime using Rhino Render Next.