Caps lock as shift

I hope everything is going well,
Does caps lock have a function in rhino? Perhaps it could be permanent shift.

That is a really great idea, super simple and convenient, probably not so difficult to implement?

How/When would be that useful?

Well, when using rhino :smile:

Well I have been using rhino already for about 7 months now and the many times that I accidently press caps lock instead of shift got me thinking about this. Me pressing the caps lock is hardly a problem for my work but I do see that the people around me who also started recently with rhino often get annoyed that their multiselect gets cleared because for some reason they missed the shift button once. We might find it usefull because the way we work but I thought if it isn’t designated for anything anyway it could be possibly an easy implement. (I know absolutely nothing about anything regarding updating software so I dont actually know).
Why do we need caps lock in general?
Possible uses:
Casual multiselect
Casual pan in perspective
and basically anything that requires shift and that I might need to do more than a few times.

interesting… I would suggest if is possible using capslock as Ctrl+shift or Sub object selection toggle. That would allow quicker selection and (holding ctrl) deselection of edges and faces.

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Capslock often sabotages my keyboard Aliases like “Cİ” as i want to draw a circle (it is a Turkish alphabet thing, as i mentioned before here"

Rhino has countless shortcuts which wouldn’t work with a caps lock permanent shift.

SelPrev might be helpful when a large selection is lost due to the user not pressing the shift key.

The Select command does not require pressing shift for selecting multiple objects.