Capping the bottom of a Mesh Planter

I have been testing some ideas on small surfaces such as planters, although there are methods of capping the bottom of the planter after baking it, those methods usually do not work well as it has thousands of faces, and trimming/joining usually yields unwanted results.

Any methods you can recommend to do this in grasshopper? I’ve tried M+ cap option which didn’t really work out, and I also tried to get the edges at the bottom, but since it has multiple faces, couldn’t figure out how to do so. I have attached the grasshopper script that I have for this. Everything that makes the surface is within the cluster, if needed. (15.2 KB) (27.0 KB) This could be one way.

The way to make a bottom depends on how you make the sides. Your script gives no clue about how you made what you did, so it’s hard to suggest an approach for making the bottom. Probably the simplest way would be to find the edges of what you have, and then extrude the bottom one and cap it. But your geometry has no thickness which presents a problem.

I’ve 3D printed several objects like this ( and it’s not difficult to make them solid, but there are some simple tricks involved. I don’t use meshes at all; everything is Breps which I think are lots easier to deal with.

How I got to the final surface should be in the cluster, which you can see if you double click on it. Didn’t want to clutter the screen, so put everything into a cluster.

I have also tried to work with breps, but some of the components that I use for some designs work exclusively with meshes. And meshtobrep doesn’t really yield workable results as well.

Although the bottom is not flat, that seems like a good start! I will try to understand the logic of what you have done to see if I can make the bottom flat on that. Thank you very much!