Capping a section through a threaded cap

Desire to print a threaded cap/top that won’t fit comfortably in the build chamber of my Form 2. When I split the cap into three pieces With appropriate flanges for reassembly) they are, of course, open. Rhino doesn’t know how to cap the cut thread “Unable to cap one object. The openings did not have closed, planar loops of edges.” Any ideas?

FYI, using one-third sections enables me to fit all three segments of the lid into the build chamber for a single print cycle with a minimum of required supports to trim and very few supports on the threads which will be a PITA.

BTW, If you aren’t using BoltGen, why not? Ray really has his stuff together.


Hello - you might try BooleanSplit with planes. Please post the file if you cannot sort it out.


I did the split with cutting planes.

Subject modelthread sections test.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - split each plane with one of the cap parts that touch it. Join a copy of the split out bit to each cap part.

Any luck?


I’ll try it.

That worked. Seems like Rhino should be able to do that. It’s not that complicated.

Thank You

Well, as I said up top, BooleanSplit with the planes would probably do it.
Also, even quicker - @KMAC - if you select all the planes and the split pieces of the cap and CreateSolid it makes the three parts. CreateSolid on the three planes and the original un-split cap will also do it in one shot.