Cap won't fill in curves

Ok im trying to create a tie filled in with some hexagons. I have done that and now i have to fill in the hexagons. I tried to fill with “cap” but it wont fill all the shapes, the ones at the edge just give an error saying “Unable to cap one object. The openings did not have closed, planar loops of edges.” Anyone knows whats causing this?

Projekat iz materijala.3dm (660.3 KB)
Here is the project im trying to finish. All the hexagons should be filled like the ones i have done, but i cant get the ones at the edge to fill in. Im a noob to Rhino and im sorry if this was a dumb question and an easy fix :slight_smile:

This for example doesn’t cap because the surfaces you provide aren’t a closed loop:

You will have to draw a surface in between the two short vertical edges, join with the others and then run cap.

There are hexagons you didn’t cap yet and most of them seem to work fine and cap to a closed polysurface.

Yeah, i had to trim off the part of the hexagon that was outside of the tie. So to fix this all i have to do is to connect the 2 sides where i trimmed off the hexagon?

Yes, or cap all hexagons first and run a boolean command afterwards.