Cap projected curves onto a brep

hey there, Im trying to make a design idea of a ramp going down based on tiles grid. I made a curve of the route and made it into a sweep. after it i projected the tiles into the sweep and tried to extrude and cap it. it didnt work!
anyone got an idea?

basic phython can be also used to solve this problem :slight_smile:
thank you from advanced

save for forum gh.GH (25.2 KB)

SAVE FOR FORUM_1.3dm (14.4 MB)

Why the YZ construction plane? Another thread just used an XZ construction plane - why?

Your file has two params without geometry:

P.S. You have two Sweep1 components on top of each other. The sweep surface is fouled by the relatively tight turns.

P.P.S. I got the blue bits but your sweep is too corrupted to get them all. (24.9 KB)

One more attempt to reconstruct your path using HFrames and a narrower path but it’s still corrupt in the tight turns, causing SrfSplit to take 1.4 minutes! It’s ugly. (35.4 KB)

This approach looks pretty cool to me. Steps are all 7.25 inches (184 milimeters). There are some places where you have a choice of 7.25" or 14.5", so railings might be needed - or some tweaking of the algorithm. The path curve is contoured and IVRay (IsoVist Ray) is used to find the top surfaces. (49.7 KB)

This one has some of the same features but works very differently. The path curve is flat on the ground, the ‘Total Height’ is a parameter. The ‘dPath’ parameter (blue group) determines which Voronoi cells are used based on their distance from the path. Pretty cool! :sunglasses: (53.5 KB)

Thank you for your replay is always amazing to see how those ideas could be done in anther way, which is better and totally different! :slight_smile: however my problem is that i want to creat that colorful road as an ramp, not as steps. Sorry if i wasn’t clear.

That was clear but as I said, the ramp was a corrupted surface due to its width and the tight turns.