Cap Holes Curved Hex Grid

Hi all,

I have a hexagonal core between two curved surfaces. I want to export the file as a volume in step format such as each extruded hexagon is individually selectable.
I tried with cap holes ex but strange lines appear, as shown

Curved Beam (11.4 KB)

I tried to project the hexagons on the surfaces but I can’t obtain a closed final volume to export as with cap holes.

Curved Beam (20.2 KB)

Do you have any suggestions? How to use cap hole in my case. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Depends what you do with that step file:
a) Either extruded and cap hex mesh outlines
b) Split offseted surfaces with hex cell exstrusion and joint them.
Due to discretization the b option must has larger surface than cells to have the correct split. (37.1 KB)

Curved Beam (18.4 KB)
Here’s one way

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