Cap end solution

Hi All-- First post since very long. I have been looking to cap the open end (Cyan), but did not found a good or clean solution. The best I have got is with Sweep_2_rails surface. Would be very grateful for any proposal to improve it. Best --Gerardo

Cap solution.3dm (360.4 KB)

I had to run match srf on both edges at tangent with refine on to get it to join, but looks decent, no?

Yup! really nice… Did not know this was possible. Great Kile. So simple… 8^). I am highly grateful. Best weekend!

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So often the simplest solutions get overlooked (by me at least) … patch is typically a good way to do this, but in this case simple old loft to the rescue!

I do not remember now the Patch options but the “Match … tangent” option of Loft does the thing. Thanks again. Milinalism is the way!

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