Cap but slightly bulged

I was wondering what the right way is to tackle this.
The side surfaces have a nice curvature, but capping it makes it too perfectly flat. Not nice in rendering. Slightly bulged would be better. I would think to trim everything a bit before the curves are going flat horizontal and creating a cap following the curvature, but not realy sure what the best approach would be here.


n-test export.3dm (716.9 KB)

if it is for rendering only, you can mesh and smooth it out:

n-test export_smooth.3dm (2.8 MB)

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Hi, you could try to apply _CageEdit using the Bounding Box option and try to modify the shape using control points. For this, I suggest to use the closed polysurface instead the open polysurface. I can’t open the file because you are using R6 so good luck!

Hey Gijs, didn’t know this, interesting, thanks!

Nice one! it helps for sure, but the zebra is not yet what I am after… looking for that smooth G2 :slight_smile:

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