Cap Brep in C++


After joining a list of breps I would like to cap the open faces.
ON_Brep* brep = RhinoJoinBreps(brep_list, tol);

What function represent “cap” in C++ SDK?

If this the right method:
brep = RhinoBrepCapPlanarHoles(brep, tol);

Do I need to perform additional operations such as

  1. Split faces
  2. or check orientation of a solid like in .NET?

How about RhinoBrepCapPlanarHoles.

Yes, I am using this, I just wondered.
In…NET after capping breps I need to check BRep solid orientation (are normals pointing outwards or inwards), is it still the case for C++?

Ah, I missed your edit. The RhinoCommon version uses this funtion under the hood, so I assume so.

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