Cap and Fillet Problem

Hi everyone, i’m new at blender and each time i model something i have thoose 2 problems and i stay 2 hours trying and trying but nothing happen :upside_down_face:

First one i can not fillet an angle or can not select it or like in my picture when i fillet it cut a face of my part and add artefacts.

And the other one is a cap problem, i can not cap and i don’t know why

stylo.3dm (2.0 MB)

If there is somebody who can help me it will be great, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Change the absolute tolerance to 0.001 to use fillet.(

Cap can only works if the open surface is flat, in that case use _Sweep2 or _EdgeSrf to create closed surface. (

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Thank a lot for the answer you save me, i’ll read the page and try to understand :slight_smile:.

Thanks again