Cap a donut shaped object (not the actual hole part)

Im trying to cap the “hole” on this donut shaped object. when i try to cap, it caps the inner hole but what i want is the “donut” part capped. if that makes sense. I tried a couple things like “cap holes”, “boundary surface” and “dbrep” but maybe i just used those components wrong. Ive attached some pix and the file to better help explain what im trying to do. thanks!

blue part is what im trying to cap (6.2 KB)

i’m guessing, but is it something to do with the surface normal directions? the inner surface should be pointing inwards and the outer surface outwards?

cap holes won’t work because the edges are not coplanar (the second surface goes slightly outwards as it follows the first one’s normals)
In the definition I’m sending you I just lofted the two surfaces’ edges and joined everything together.
Is it important for you that these two ‘ring’ surfaces are planar? (10.7 KB)

Thats exactly what i was trying to achieve. thanks man. and for this project it isnt important that the ring surfaces are planar. but if they were, I think I would have to approach the definition a different way.

thanks again. :slight_smile:

you were on the right track…thanks man