Canvas zoom

I set the zoom factor to 100% in the drop down menu.

Then I’m using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

I can not get it back to 100%. It goes from 90 to 106 and 125.

The behavior is different from rhino5, where zoom factors go from 80 to 100 and 125

I’m using the same mouse, a 3D connexion cad mouse

Do you have a UI scaling set in Windows? If yes, then the default zoom level for GH will be 100% * UiScale%

Thanks, I do have UI scaling on 125%.

Rhino 5 and 6 behave the same without UI scaling.

Rhino 5 with went from 90 to 100 and 125 with UI scaling on or off.

I just set the UI scaling to a custom level of 110%

In Rhino 5 GH would open in 100% with UI scaling on.

In Rhino 6 GH opens with the zoom level which is equivalent to UI scaling, so in my case it now opened in 110%.

It’s just weird that it’s different. I’d prefer if only the text was bigger

Windows 7, still. Would you suggest an upgrade to 10??

I’m running one screen at 200%, and 100% is just too small. I guess when you’re still close to 100% scaling it may make more sense to snap to 1 pixel per pixel.

I don’t think it matters, I’m running Win10 and it’s working as designed. Sounds like it works the same for you now.