Canvas speed

I tested canvas speed the other day on a MacBook Pro 16” i9 with Radeon 5500 4Gb and noticed that even on that machine the canvas feels sluggish. If I test the canvas redraw speed with the built in tool of gh, it mentions a ridiculously high framerate (172)
But panning through the document feels more like 10 frames/second.
Does it use the graphics card at all? Will it be better in gh2?

@Gijs, this topic is near and dear to my heart. The recent update to RH7 and I believe the SR RH6.30 bring some improvements to the situation (and the Canvas redraw speed counter works now!). Check out this thread for more info:

That being said, I don’t think the GH interface makes great use of the available computing power. The recent update has improved things a lot, but we still have some way to go. I really hope GH2 will change this situation, as it will be built using different technologies:

Hope this helps!


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@rudolf.neumerkel I also struggle with the sluggishness of GH on Mac, Thanks for your answer.

You mentioned GH2 - Is there any ETA on when that may be released? Will it shop with Rhino7? Also how backwards compatible are Grasshopper definitions made in Rhino7 when opening with Rhino 6 in practice?

It’s been a long few years already. I hesitate to make another prediction. Good news is that lately the progress has been more tangible.

It will initially be available as a Yak package for whatever the current Rhino version is. I have high hopes gh2 alpha will be available before we start selling Rhino 8.

Provided you don’t use one of the Rhino7-only components, entirely compatible. If you do, entirely not.

Sadly we did not keep a clean list of which components are available in Rhino 7 only.


Hope the update helped a bit!

Sounds great sir! Good luck :pray:

Hopefully you guys can find a good cross platform solution for the Win/Mac Grasshopper Canvas/Interface for GH2. Some more fps gainz on the GH-Mac side would very sweet!

(btw: is there a collection/list of planned features for GH2, other than your YouTube Video updates?)