Cant use view commands when using autochain

When chaining edges (for example when selecting edges for a rail sweep) there are two problems:

  1. the dialog that asks which of several possible curves you want to choose keeps moving down the screen as each one is chosen - presumably it would fall off the screen if there were enough picks (!) [there used to be a similar problem with the text edit popup dialog some years ago in v3 or early 4 ]
  2. you cant use the view commands to adjust the view of the model while in this mode, which makes the command useless on a model where you need to be able to zoom into it or pan it to actually see what curve you need to choose.


Hi Tony- thanks, Checking it… looks like the menu is just following the cursor- you can disable that by right clicking on the menu when it is up and choosing Properties. I see the view problem while the menu is up.


Yes, I would like to see a solution to the number 2 as well…

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