Can't upload pdf, svg works

Can’t upload pdf, svg works.

I’ve a program where I use Import Geometry, and i’m unable to upload pdf but able to upload svg.
When using Grasshopper local it works perfectly
How to solve?

Could you please give me information about your account (free or paid subscription) as well as a minimal definition I can test the issue with?

Plan: Paid

All pdf’s possible to run on Grasshopper local.
3c33a2b346f007bf2470fc919f93f26c.pdf (602.1 KB)
That pdf available to run.
pdf_bestand-bennebroek_plattegronden_03.pdf (86.0 KB)
This isn’t possible

The second pdf file contains embedded fonts that are not installed on ShapeDiver, which is why the import fails. As a matter of fact, I don’t have those fonts installed on my local machine either and I cannot import your file in Rhino nor in Grasshopper with the ShapeDiver component.

How to remove these fonts?
Or how to catch these

It seems that is only possible with an Adobe Acrobat licence. I think your best shot is to make sure the files you want to import do not include them when they are created, which should be possible to coordinate with whomever provided you with those files.

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