Can't undo

Undo has not been functioning properly the last few days, it is inconsistent. I have been working on some big files and have not changed the undo stack settings. Today I did play with grasshopper for a little while. Any thoughts?

Hi Nick - the only thing that comes to mind is that if the file is really large and has really large objects - like say a massive mesh object - that you make a change to, that can fill up the undo stack very quickly.


No meshes, but have recently installed the Flamingo trial and been doing some rendering. There are some large blocks in one file, but it is being flaky in multiple files.

Hi Nick - hm, I don’t now if there is a way to check the current undo stack and how much memory it is sucking up - I suppose ClearUndo and then do a few things and then Undo , as a test, might tell us something…