Can't stop the animation rhino 6

Hi all,
I have an issue stopping the rhino animation recording. I can stop only the actual frame rendering but I can’t stop the animation I need to force to close rhino from task manager.
Any suggestion?

Hi Roy - you’re referring to the animation preview, correct? Esc seems to work here…


Hi Pascal,
no, I’m referring to the animation recording. After the recording is started (so rhino starts calculating each frame of the animation), I can’t stop this recording. If I click on the stop button (the red hand), it stops only the current frame calculation but it continues to calculate for the next frame, so I can’t stop the entire animation recording unless to force to quit rhino.

Hi Roy- Esc should stop the process.


hi pascal,
i think i had some issue on my project file. I received the error message that i link and the animation was unstoppable. now i’ve tried on a new file and all it works fine.

animation issue