Can't select untrimmed surface

I’m occasionally finding that I can’t select a surface that I’ve untrimmed whilst working in V7. The graphics go a bit awry too (the surface display in wire is clipped). I’ve found restarting Rhino does the trick.

Anyone else spotted this?

How far from the World origin is the surface?

Within 50mm of the origin. It’s the small object, mm template.

Hello - if you can replicate this, please Undo and then send us the file (, please include a link back to this topic in your comments) with instructions on what to trim with what…


Thanks, Pascal. It’s behaved impeccably today - no issues at all (same file). I’ll continue working on it and if it happens again I’ll let you know.

Perhaps it’s a graphics issue, I have noticed the display seems to stutter a bit on occasion. Could be my machine is reaching the end of the road.

I can repeat that:

Thanks for reporting back, John. I’m glad you were able to replicate it.

Very strange. I’ve not run into that before.
I’ll be interested in what the developer figures out.
Your file is hidden from public view in the bug report and only visible to internal developers.

Thanks, John. I’ve noticed it a fair bit since I started working in v7 WIP, but it’s random and a quick restart seems to resolve things. I thought it may be a graphics issue as I noticed the surface is often clipped, but not always. Very odd.

I don’t think it’s a graphics issue since I can repeat it here in a Wireframe display.

Good point. It just seemed odd the way the surfaces were clipping (also in Wireframe), don’t recall seeing that previously in v6. Probably an unrelated issue (not really an issue as I haven’t noticed it recently, maybe fixed in an update).

No actual fix to this issue. See comment from developer

I stumbled across the nudge trick to resolve it - quicker than a restart. I use the Gumball, soon up and running again so not a big issue.

Thanks for the update.

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