Can't select the whole edge of the geometry

Hello there,

My problem is that I can’t choose the whole edge of my geometry which has already broken into pieces. Also, merge edge commands didn’t help me. Here, I am describing my problem better with an image.


Hi -

I’m afraid there’s little we can do with an image. Please post the 3dm file.

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brokenpieces.3dm (441.7 KB)
Hello, Wim

Here is the model and an additional image,

Initially I removed the bottom surface of blue plate to get the exact intersection surface of the golden rail, below it.



Hi -
Use ExtractSrf to extract the two surfaces that make up the bottom of that blue plate and delete those.
Use Cap on the blue plate to create a closed polysurface.
Use MergeAllEdges to merge the edges.

NOTE: it appears that you are using a very old version of Rhino 6. Please update to the latest service release.