Can't seem to get the voronoi pattern included in the curve

Hey I am new to grasshoper and trying to make a design for a stairs railing. I am trying to include the voronoi pattern in the curve but for some reason it overlaps :frowning:

trap2.3dm (34.5 KB) (16.4 KB)

This is what I have image
And this I try to achieve: image Is there anyway to inverse my pattern?

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The second image is your file?
If yes you can use the same script and Populate geometry

Thanks for responding but unfortunately that is not the solution :(. No the first image is my file, the second is from a tutorial. As seen in my model the circles overlap the black border and I want to contain it. Besides it is a inverse, the circles are thickened instead of the outline. (I want to achieve the look of the second image but then within my own stair rail-curve) (12.4 KB)