Can't see text input window in Grasshopper

For quite a while now I simply cannot see the text input field when double-clicking a text input parameter of Shapediver in Grasshopper.

I can see that when I Alt-Tab that there is a window called “NotificationsForm”, which I am pretty certain is that Text input window, but I simply cannot see it anywhere. It is probably hiding somewhere, but there seems to be no way to make it appear again.

Are you resetting the window position every time or using the last window position? If its the latter, then we need a way to reset the position of that text input window. Better yet you should use the windowing functions of WinForm to set the position every time.

Any other suggestions to get the window back? I know you can set the values by right-clicking on the text input component, but the window was a lot nicer.

Thanks for fixing!

The text input window was replaced by the context menu options, therefore it does not exist anymore. The reasons for this change were that, on the one hand, context-menu options match better the setup of standard Grasshopper components, and on the other hand the implementation of additional input windows was not compatible with Rhino for Mac.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this feature, we will eventually reconsider in the future the UI of these additional options if we get widespread feedback going in the direction you suggest.

Oh, okay, fair enough, I did not realize that!