Can't see surface, but it's there

I can select the “missing” surface, but only the outline shows up
I can calculate the volume of the entire piece, which means the surface is there
But I can’t see it, no matter if I pick shaded, or rendered, or what ever else… it’s “see-through”

supposed to look like this:

but looks like this:

this happened after I ‘bolean split’
and again, I put the two shapes together and they work just fine, just can’t see the “walls” of the scroll.

Generally this means that the edge trims of the surface are bad, and Rhino is not able to create a render mesh for the surface - thus it’s not “shadable”. This does need to be corrected, but you need to locate the problem area first. the best would be to post the object in question along with the curves used to create it is they still exist…


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