Can't save distance channel from Rhino Render

I tried saving the distance channel as .exr in Rhino Render, but it saves the RGB renedered image, not the distance channel.

Also in BETA (6.0.17325.8311, 11/21/2017) Cycles doesn’t show up in the list under Current Renderer. For Current Renderer it only shows Rhino Render and ProRender. I have two display cards an AMD and an nVIDIA. When I use Raytraced viewport render it indicates (Cycles). Cycles also shows up in Rhino Options.

That’s correct. Cycles will not be available as a modal renderer in Rhino 6.

That’s correct. The Cycles rendering engine is part of Rhino 6 and runs the Raytraced display mode. Cycles settings (for the engine) are exposed in Rhino Options.
It’s just the modal render window that is out.

Thanks for the info wim.

Hello - as far as I can tell this works here -

Do you get the message box about saving the rgba instead? You need to answer no…