Can't run unregistered Rhino 7

I understand that after trial expiration you can use but can’t save.

When I try to open ver7 it says “no license” and then i just get stuck in an endless loop entering my license key (trial key) and some bizarre convoluted hoops to jump through and it say “closing rhino”. What happened to the run with no save ability?

You didn’t say, but I’ll guess your expired evaluation license is in your login account.
Remove the license from your Personal licenses using this URL:

Then start your Rhino and use the option to use the license stand-alone on that one computer.
Then Rhino will run indefinitely without Save/Export.

Any luck?

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No luck! All i see there is my Rhino 6 license…

It looks like it was removed some time ago.
Look in your email messages from December 2020.
That’s when you requested it.
That old message will have the expired V7 license key in it.

And do what with it?

Ver 7 wants a license to start and when i give it that one it says “invalid license”

You should see an option to add it Stand Alone, or Lock it to this computer.
That’s the option you need to use.

I do not see that option anywhere!

The license key RH70-####-####-####-####-940M is expired and cannot be validated. I hashed out some numbers

Can 7 be run on multiple computers? I think I have it set up on a desktop at home. Could this be the problem?

When you start Rhino without a license you should see this:

Enter your email address, agree to the EULA, and press Continue.
You should see this

Click the little Options link in the bottom left corner, and click Enter License Key.
Enter your expired V7 eval key and follow the instructions to lock it to this one computer.

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ok, so i made some progress (my pop-ups look nothing like the ones you just posted you must be on Win 12) It looks like you can’t eval. Rhino7 on multiple machines with the zoo license only on one computer, correct?

See if this newer Rhino V7 build (Service release candidate) makes this easier:

Ok, I had to figure this out the hard way! FYI you cannot have multiple evaluation versions of Rhino7 running on different machines! You have to release the license from one machine in order to use it on another. Now I know!

Sorry, I thought I made that clear in an earlier reply about it being “Stand Alone”.
Glad you’re sorted.

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