Can't Run RH6 'your licence requires validation' - with valid licence

Hi, I had been running successfully RH6 all morning, sometimes with 2 files running in parallel (RH + GH). However, I have now an open file that runs normally, but If I try to open another one, I get the window with ‘rhinoceros 6 needs a licence’.
If I check my licence status in the open file, all is good, I get a ‘your licence is valid’

I’m running a team licence and am logged in correctly. Haven’t changed my details in the last days and rhino was running smoothly until now. I really don’t want to install the licence just in my computer as other team members use it as well sometimes (not at the same time).

Once I get tge ‘Rhinoceros needs a licence’ window, if I click ‘log in as Mireia (my account) - it gets stuck with a loading bar and a ‘please wait’ message and nothing happens… Eventually i get a’rhino needs a licence to run & will close’ message. All while having a file running in the background (?!)

Any thoughts?

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