Can't run installer

any ideas what to do now?



I know you’ve done this many, many times before and know what you’re doing, so I’m pretty baffled too. My opinion is that it MUST be some actual problem with the file or the download process. I downloaded this week’s WIP yesterday and it installed OK.

It would be useful if a MD5 of the file in question were posted somewhere. Then it’d be possible to verify at least the download was correct. Maybe this is something @brian could add somewhere in a collapsible advanced section on the download page?


All our installers are digitally signed. You can tell if the file is corrupted pretty easily:

  1. Right-click the installer, then click properties
  2. In the Digital Signatures tab, you should see that the signature is valid.

If you don’t see a Digital Signatures tab, or if the signature is not valid, then the file has been corrupted.

In that case, please delete the file and download again.

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Wow, @brian. I never knew that digital signatures allowed that and that it is so easy. Maybe some mention of this belongs on the download page. All the McNeel download pages.

Thanks all, I re-downloaded and it worked.