Can't retrieve a license

Hello, I have updated rhino to v8 but I started receiving an error saying rhino requires a licencse to run, rhino will now exit. I saw there are old threads discussing this error but they do not seem like resolved.
Any suggestions?

Is your license installed locally, or in a Rhino account (Cloud Zoo)?

In a Rhino account. I typed in my email associated with my Rhino account and navigated to log in to the account via a browser. Before the browse is open, I see a message that says a license is found in my account, but after I log in via a browser, the above message appears, and Rhino closes.

Perhaps the reason is that I have multiple accounts/licenses. But Rhino 7 still opens with no errors.

Yep, that could be the case, usually that is not a good idea. Outside of Rhino (via the McNeel website - my account) can you log into your account and see both the V7 and the V8 upgrade in the licenses section?

It looks like this.

I have another account (with a different email) that I’m using to check out one more license from a lab license pool.

Hi -

If you don’t get this to work, please contact tech support by mail, chat, or phone.

Hi, I got it to work. There is a ‘remove a license’ in the menu. Using this, I managed to remove the existing login information and finally logged in. Now Rhino8 is working on my PC!