Can't resize Block manager window

My block manager window width is stuck at around 2000 pixels and I cannot make it any narrower! I can still make it wider, but not any narrower. I’ve had this issue for a while now…

Why is this a thing? Anyone else having this issue?

Rhino for Mac
Version 6 (6.29.20239.15172, 2020-08-26)

Running on
macOS Catalina
Version 10.15.7

The minimum with on mine is about 1/2 of that.
The PLIST would store that information.
Maybe resetting it would get your sorted.

Any luck?

Well… I really don’t know what happened, but my block manager resizing started working right after I posted this topic :sweat_smile: Thanks for tip though! I actually did try to search something like that to fix the issue.

However, I can’t reduce the width of the block manager if there is a lot of names in the “Used by” field under “Properties”. For example if you have 100 different blocks that uses “Block 01”, the block manager width will explode if you selected “Block 01” from the list and view its properties. Is there a reason why “Used by” field has to force show all the block names in single line until there is no desktop / screen width left? I actually believe that my original issue is someway related to this bug.

Can you please post an example file and the steps to follow to see this problem?

100 block used by Block 01 and 10k width block manager :grinning:

Block manager bug.3dm (4.9 MB)

yeh weird stuff going here too, its huge in width and can’t resize it 🤷😂

Thanks for the file.
I was able to repeat the problem and make a defect report: