Can't Render as Shaded Anymore

I’m playing with a new 3D scanner. I exported one of my scans as .STL and was able to open the file in Rhino 6 just fine. I was also able to change from wireform to shaded view in a matter of a couple seconds.

I have since exploded the mesh and started “trimming the fat”, deleting areas I don’t need.

Now whenever I try to switch from wireform to shaded Rhino hangs on “creating meshes”. I let it go as long as 20min without any changes. It will always snap back out of it when I hit ESC.

I also tried converting to NURBS and I get the same issue. It hangs forever.

The file is 181MB

My system info is:

Surface Pro 3
i7-4650U 1.70 GHz 2.30 GHz

Hi Dave - this would not happen if there were only meshes in the file. if you hide everything but the mesh you’re working on do you get the same message?


The only other thing in the file were a couple curves.

I instead copy/pasted everything into a new file (including those curves) and the ability to render was restored.

maybe in the original file _RefreshShade do the trick.