Can't Reinstall NXT


I’m desperate to get some rendering done and I just realized that I hadn’t reinstalled NXT after a hard drive failure some time ago. So, trying to install now and it fails every time and I get a log file. I’ve attached the log file hoping for help asap.


I removed your attachment as it had your license info in it. I think the nXt install is looking for Rhino 4 SR9. I think this is because the nXt license was an upgrade. I just checked the database and it looks like you got it registered on the new machine yesterday. Please email if you still need any help.

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Two days ago I’ve got a new computer and I didn’t succeed to registre flamingo Nxt (looking for Rhino 4 SR9)… big trouble with my job and no answer from the support. Help!

Hi Patrick,

I see you emailed us 30 mins ago but also yesterday afternoon. The nXt message was in French so it was assigned to one of our EU support people to help more. Sorry they haven’t gotten back to you yet. I read the install error log and I believe the issue may be that Rhino 4 SR9 needs to be installed on the system since your license key is an upgrade. This differs from Rhino 5’s installer which just needs the v4 key but not a present installation. Try downloading and installing the full v4 installer from and then try installing nXt again. Any luck?

That works!
Thank so much