Can't receive my license key for rhino 6 win

hallo, I haven’t received my license key for rhino 6 on my email. Can you help me, please?

There are a couple issues here.

  • You created a login account. That’s not the same as requesting an eval key. The eval key request link is on the Download page.
  • V6 evals are no longer available since it is no longer available for purchase. V7 is shipping now.

What problem are you trying to solve?
Why do you think you need V6?

I want to use rooster for the imege to curve fonction, I can’t finde it on rhino 7

It looks like Rooster is a Windows Grasshopper add-in.
It should work just fine in V7.
Grasshopper in V6 and V7 are the same.

Hi -
For Rhino 7, you can use Dale’s Vectorize plug-in that you can install with the Rhino 7 PackageManager.