Can't print in 2D

Hi, recently I have been getting an issue: I can’t print anything.
The message that shows up is:
“This dialog requires the RDK to be loaded”

I’ve checked the plug-ins but they seems ok; the only thing that seems strange is a particular plug in “Rhino Render” which seems to have stopped working.

thx for anyone who will respond.

Hello- please make sure the RendererDevelopmentKit (two plug-ins) and Rhino render have the enabled checkbox set.


Now it says that my DLL is expired, how can I fix that?

close rhino if open,

go to add or remove programs in windows control panels and find rhino

click on it and hit modify>repair

restart rhino, any better?

Hi @davide.braida08,

What service release of Rhino 5 are you using? (Help > About Rhinoceros…)

If you are not running Rhino 5 SR14, then download and install this service release from here:

Let us know what you find.

– Dale

I’ve solved the problem by disinstalling and reinstalling Rhino.
Thanks for the help.